Looks a lot like consolidation in an industry. Just think of consolidation in America in HVAC, the funeral industry, drug stores (whether corporate-owned or franchises, they all follow the same practices), book publishing (!) and more that I probably don't know about, but when the competition goes down, prices go up, and when there are investors and contractors and middlemen hiding behind the business you think you're dealing with, they have to get their cut and then prices have to go up. Maybe the business model can be copied such that there will be imitators of Flow - that might mean more competition, but only until the competition gets winnowed down again. Already there are investors buying up single-family homes across the country for purposes of renting them out, squeezing the housing market, and forcing people into high-priced rental homes. Only a proper, truly "progressive" or graduated income tax with few if any loopholes and cop-outs can keep the country from the increasing economic divide we see here - the Bell Curve or normal distribution vey clearly is becoming bi-modal in this country, and that is not, not, not good.

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